On my journey, I learned to look at things from the higher perspective.

As we grow older and gain a new perspective, what we perceive as a problem become no longer a problem. I remember being so embarrassed and filled me with dread when my grandfather always wanted to drive me to station for me to catch a train for school. He was driving such an uncool van and I hated to be spotted by my friends! I was very likely to be in bad mood and often rude and unkind towards him. Now he is no longer here and I wish I was more grateful for him.  I do not think his van is uncool now for sure.

The Earth can be a tough place to live in.  You may be searching for the way out from the desperately unhappy place just like I was. The advice from family,  teachers or friends does not necessarily help, because none of them knows you as well as you know yourself…

Somehow you may have to find the way out on your own just like I did.  I struggled but I learned to gain a higher perspective on my journey. I learned to look at my earthly problems from the cosmic level. Having a higher viewpoint helped me to see the problem in perspective. When we are in the middle of the problem, we do not realise how small our problem is on the cosmic level. We are all like a tiny flicker of light worrying about the tiniest thing. More or less everything really does not matter… What matters the most is to fill ourselves with love, be happy and have fun.

The Earth is a heavily physical planet. We have to take physical action to get what we want. What I learned was a cosmic rule. When the rule of the earth does not work, just put the trust in the cosmic rule. You will feel a lot lighter, free and empowered. I now play my life as a game. I am given an avatar as me creating what I want in my life. Just like we create an avatar on the computer game. We are in control, we can do whatever we like, we can be whoever we want to be.

What do you want to experience in your life?