I have been always a slow learner. It seems to take me longer to understand things. I was one of those annoying child who ask ‘why’ all the time. My questions seemed to have annoyed or embarrassed people. I thought I was a little bit stupid. Everyone around me looked so sure of themselves and seemed to know what they are doing when I had no clue.

Early school years, I learned the trick. After struggling at the bottom of the class, I learned to study hard. Instead of asking too many questions, I just learned the trick by memorising the textbook and practising the answers over and over. My grades improved and I climbed up to the top of the class. People even thought I was bright.

The University was interesting. I was allowed to ask ‘why’ and the professor actually encouraged and praised me for asking ‘why’! He also answered all my questions, it was actually interesting. I never realised asking ‘why’ was such a positive thing before.

I noticed that people do not ask ‘why’ very often. Especially when they are older and “wiser”. Instead of asking themselves a question, they follow common sense and rules.

As a typical Japanese law-abiding citizen, questioning a rule, let alone breaking a rule is extremely hard. However, once I learned to keep a certain distance from a rule, I realised just how much rubbish rules exist in our world trying to control us!

I want to keep asking question to myself. Answers to the most important questions are all within us.