We can create our own world.  Every one of us can do it.

Our world is being created every moment by our thoughts. Are you aware of your own thoughts?

Thoughts are a really powerful tool but I know how easy for us to forget or ignore this really important tool… How easy to blame ourselves, constantly putting ourselves down, feel bad about ourselves, feeling embarrassed or feeling powerless?

If only we can stop talking negatively in our head and turn it around to talk more positively!

We tend to worry about how others think of us… a lot!!

I used to be. Definitely. I was constantly worried about how I looked… Aren’t I looking a little silly? Aren’t I looking a bit weird?

I was trying so hard to fit in, you see? I was well aware that being a foreigner has got a tendency to look a bit strange… standing out against my will.

What I have realised now after so many years is that other people’s opinion does not really matter and in fact, no one actually cares how I look anyway!! Someone’s opinion is merely the expression of that persons’ idea of the world and I do not have to agree with him/her if I do not want to. 

I don’t want to live under the fear of someone’s opinion. I would much rather expose my vulnerability and stop pretending to be someone else.

OK, I may be a little silly and weird but so what. I feel so much lighter.

Now I’m very protective of my thoughts. I am more aware of the power of the mind and try to control what I am thinking. ( Not always successful of course, but I am certainly more aware.)  I would play my mental game to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Positive thoughts produce positive and happy words which can lighten someone’s heart.  Some people repeatedly talking negatively in their head, literally brainwashing themselves to be more and more miserable. If we have to brainwash ourselves anyway, it makes sense to brainwash with positive thoughts. Don’t you think?

The time I spend on the job I thought boring previously has become the precious time to quiet my mind and to play in the happy world of my imagination. 

The person I did not like became the interesting human sample to learn from.

You see, it’s free to use your brain how you want to use it. This is the ultimate freedom and the safe haven is inside your mind. 

I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. I am sure this is because I am fully accepting who I am and feel so free.