The world has always been a tough place to live in, nowadays even more so with ever increasing the cost of living- longer working hours, retirement age going up, and there’s a forecast of 90% of the existing job are disappearing in next 10 years because of fast developing technology… No job is safe. No wonder so many people are feeling trapped in the unhappy state of mind.

Meanwhile, we are all experiencing the market shift in the commerce to the internet. In this changing world, the internet will most definitely be here to stay and if you want to invest in your future, it makes sense to invest in your own digital education. Maybe this is your wake up call to end the outdated, unfulfilling way to trade your time for money. The financial crisis does not need to be a bad thing, a crisis always brings an opportunity. Don’t you want to grab the opportunity and be actually, dare I say… happy?

Here are my 5 steps to achieve ultimate happiness. 

Step 1: Decide you are going to be happy

Many people who complain about their unhappiness blame it on other people or something outside of themselves- such as their boss, the society, circumstances, so on..

It might be hard to accept for some but happiness is YOUR decision whatever the circumstance you are living in. DO NOT be a victim, remember you can CHOOSE to be happy anytime.

Take responsibility.

Step 2: Know what happiness is to you and visualise your ideal life

When you want to get to a certain place, you have to know where you want to get to first. Without having a clear destination, you will certainly be lost on the journey. Having a clear picture of what you really want in your life will give you focus and determination required for success.

For most people, freedom plays a significant part in creating happiness. Freedom from the mundane job you don’t enjoy. Freedom from the financial pressure you may be under. Most people are enduring the job they don’t enjoy just in order to have the roof over their head, just to survive…

With the internet changing the world so fast, the laptop lifestyle is more than achievable in this digital gold rush era. Work when you want, where you want as long as there’s a good working PC and decent Wi-Fi. Freedom to spend more time with your children to share those precious moments, freedom from the long commuting journey to spend your precious time with your loved ones or do something you are absolutely passionate about- Why not?

Now, what do you feel really excited about? What did you really want to do?

Be who you really are and get educated on digital marketing. The era the big company dominated is coming to the end, now each conscious individual leads the way and starting to change the world. Why don’t you grab this opportunity to empower yourself?

Step 3: Find mentors who achieved the success you dream

Whatever you try to achieve, it only makes sense to learn from the top achievers in that particular field.

Especially with digital marketing, where there is so much information everywhere, it is so easy to get confused and overwhelmed- well it was for me anyway.

What we need is a proven method which shows us a linear pathway to learning digital marketing. They navigate you away from unnecessary pitfalls, guiding you to the success in the shortest way possible.

Step 4: Surround yourself with positive and supportive community

When you are trying to start something new, you are bound to be lonely. Having like-minded, supportive people around you makes the journey so much more enjoyable and you are obviously more likely to succeed.

Real happiness will not be achieved just by earning financial freedom- What makes people truly happy is to help each other, to contribute to society. Join the tribe and evolve together.

Align yourself.

Step 5: Act on it!!!!

No action, no success. So obvious.

The first step outside always requires a bit of courage, I understand. But if you want the change, doing nothing will not change anything. You have got immense power to change your life if you want to. If you want anything, you need to go and grab it with your two hands.

It is totally up to you.

I stepped outside now and started walking towards my dream. I’ve got to know a fantastic community which is helping each other towards their dream. I love this feeling of allowing myself to grow. I don’t know how long it will take to achieve my goal but I know I will never give up and will keep going. I am enjoying every step of my journey. Join me if you want to live a more fulfilling life.

Click below to see if this is an opportunity for you too. That is your first step!

“Make it so today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different forever”  Anthony Robbins