Now you have your project started. You feel passionate. You are probably eager to get it all going.

Then you may feel distracted by daily life. A week passed, a month passed and still haven’t really achieved as much as you wanted to…

Trust me I’ve been there so many times!

But I figured out this technique and I feel so much more focused and productive.

So, here they are!!

  • Morning ritual- Start the day with gratitude and a glass of water. Hydration and Gratitude- very important factors for a happy life.
  • Simple exercise- get your body moving – in my case, dog walk listening to motivational podcast but simple yoga routine is also fabulous.
  • Do not skip breakfast – going over today’s “to do list” while having breakfast and adjust it if necessary.
  • DO NOT multitask- watching TV and work on the project never work- concentrate on the work!
  • Stay hydrate during the day, eat healthy- bad diet seriously affect the productivity
  • Keep listening to positive talk as much as possible during the day- very important to keep negative mental chatter away from your conciousness
  • Make sure everything on the to do list completed and plan the next day
  • Visualise how you want to be successful before going to sleep
  • Get good night sleep!

If you are sticking with it, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving your dream!