It’s all about energy, it’s all about frequency.

Everything in this world has energy and emits a particular frequency. Feeling of love, a feeling of joy has a high frequency. Humans are only being on this planet who can control and change frequency on their own.  Key to happiness is to be aware of the frequency and to be in control of your own frequency to a higher level. Whatever happens to us!

In other words, we must cherish and protect our good mood. Good mood is the mental state, in my understanding, when we are having fun, when we are filled with love, when we feel excited when we feel happy and peaceful when we are filled with gratitude.  When we are in good mood, we have good energy, high frequency.

I understand it is not realistic to keep good mood all the time. Well, I certainly find it difficult sometimes! I am a woman, I have got hormone to deal with too! That is exactly why I think what I think- underlying belief system and strategies to keep a good mood and feel happy most of the time, if not all the time! I will dedicate my blog to this specific purpose. Just remember we are absolutely perfect as we are…

What happens to us are all neutral in meanings. They do not have any built- in meanings, neither good nor bad. What puts meaning in anything is each individual belief system. When it rains, one person may feel unhappy because he was planning a date in the park, another person may feel happy because she just bought her favourite umbrella. Rain itself does not have any built-in meaning. It all depends how we see things.

Having negative feeling – feeling angry, scared or jealous… does not really serve us well. These negative emotions are created by the negative belief. If nothing has built-in meanings, it makes sense to consciously turning it around to put the positive meaning to it, in order to serve us better. I see so many of us doing the exactly opposite- make extra effort to put the negative meaning to things just to make us worried, to get us upset…

The key is our conscious mind.  Limit the damage by recognising the power of unconscious and make conscious decision to be happy.

Truly, the happiness is a choice.

What we want is to live our true happy self. Do what we love, cherish who we care, develop as a person and be free. In our limited time we can live on this planet, the most rational thing is to be happy, laugh a lot, have fun as much as possible!

Being happy is not only for your benefit but it spreads to everybody around you. Just as your unhappiness infect those around you! ( you know what I am talking about, don’t you?) Your happiness infect those around you too.

Don’t be mean, be happy.