Now I would like to introduce myself.

I am a Japanese living in UK since year 2000 after marrying a British husband. I cherish my heritage, rediscovering its beauty and wisdom while learning British humour, openness and the sense of fairness.

I got to know so many people all around the world and I realised we all have similar problems and yearnings for happiness.

I have been always a deep thinker since childhood. I have been always thinking about the reason for us to live our lives on this planet, what is the ultimate truth and how to be happy. 

My ultimate image of happiness is in a commercial on TV when I saw when I was little. An elderly lady was dancing around, skipping around holding hands with her husband. Brought up in very conservative rural village in Japan, I never ever come across anyone who dared to hold hands in public let alone dancing and skipping! You can imagine how amazed I was but then I decided to be happy like her with a sparkle in her eye.

I have learned Buddhism and Japanese culture in a Christian university- I do appreciate its openness!  I remember my teacher has always emphasised on the importance on knowing your own culture if you want to be ‘international’.

The book which gave me the biggest impact when I was in university was “Tannisho” on Pureland Buddhism. It made me ponder about the logic beyond the morality. Its paradox and deep insight on human nature was shocking but moving. We, human beings are very unpredictable beings and we never know what we are capable of doing when we were put in the certain circumstance.

I recognised that my own uncertainty but it did not make me entrusted in Amida buddha. 

It just did not fit in the world view of the lady in the commercial. I wanted to be lighter. 

Since then I learned and practiced yoga, which fascinated me. 

Then the volatile 2018 came. After very unstable time, I have suddenly understood. I felt so much lighter and full of love.

I want to give a clue just like so many others has done for me when I was in trouble. 

I want to be a happiness promoter. 

If only can each one of us allow ourselves to be ourselves and live our own natural selves truly connected from within. I believe the world becomes the better place with more peace, more freedom.  I wish our collective consciousness can turn this mother earth to more sustainable, beautiful planet she deserves…

We start with our consciousness. We start from our own everyday life.

Because the consciousness creates the reality.