Why Digital Marketing?


Get the skill to set you free

With high unemployment, technology replacing people in the workforce, global competition and less job security, it makes sense to invest in yourself learning the skill to survive this fast changing world.

As we can all see, the internet has changed and is changing our life dramatically and digital marketing is now regarded essential for any business. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

– Albert Einstein





Me, digital marketing and why I chose SFM

I am totally transparent and upfront that I am an affiliate marketer to a company called SFM, a digital education company.

I use my own name on this website and I advertise SFM because I really believe this can help so many people to change their lives.

When I found SFM, I was desperately looking for the way out from the suffocating daily grind. I was well aware we were living like ‘Poor Dad’ lifestyle in Robert Kiyosaki’s best seller ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. Working long, stressful hours to earn just enough to sustain us and desperately waiting for the retirement to get us free. But are we really going to waste our prime years waiting for the retirement? Can we really reach the retirement age with this amount of stress anyway? What does our lifestyle teach our children? Do we inspire our children to lead happy lives? We want to teach our children that they can achieve anything they want – but are we living that inspiring life ourselves?

I discovered that many seemingly normal people created their life with financial abundance, freedom and happiness.  I was desperate for their insight and knowledge.

How do they do it? What is the secret?

I knew I had to find out. This is the life I want. I knew I would do anything to get this lifestyle! I researched extensively. Before long I learned about digital marketing. I also learned that affiliate marketing was the most basic of all and a good starting point for a complete novice like me. I knew that I had to invest in my education. And I found SFM.

I signed up for free 7days video series to learn a little more about it. No commitment required so why not? I am naturally a little sceptic but all that I felt from SFM was their integrity and surprising genuineness. SFM was everything I was looking for and more.

They get you to work from inside- success mindset- because this should be the very base of the durable business. They do not teach you just a superficial know-how of digital marketing, they teach you the whole package of sustainable, digital business creation. That includes an exceptionally supportive community. 

SFM changed my perspective in my life completely and I am forever grateful. 

I want you to find more about SFM and join me.

This is truly life changing. 



7 Day Video Series

These 7-day video series explain more about digital marketing and SFM. I am sure you will get the idea by the end of the series.

You can claim them for absolutely free. No commitment required- Click the link below and go and see it for yourself. 


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